Brokini: The Male Bikini That Makes Your “Junk” Look Good

Step aside Borat, your mankini is so 2006. 2020 is the year of COVID-19, but mostly it’s the year of the Brokini. It’s time to ditch those old swim trunks and show us what your daddy gave you, guys. This bathing suit is going to turn some heads at the swimming pool.

We’re coming up on the last few weeks of summer, but it’s not too late to shop for more swimwear. The male version of the bikini is kind of hot, and it’s only $40. What do you say, fellas? Brokinis are way more impressive than Speedos.

The Bromingo Brokini

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If you’re not convinced that the Brokini is worth it, you might give it another chance after reading about the founders of Brokinis. The Toronto natives behind the new men’s swimwear line made it to business school and decided starting a business was a good idea.

I’m all about dreaming big and putting your degree to use, so I’m all for this business. If I can find a guy who’s willing to sport this Brokini, I will happily buy it for them. The one-shoulder look is trendy, and well, the patterns aren’t actually that bad. Ladies love pineapples and flamingos! Good job, guys.

I love how informal this company is. Under the “Contact Us” section there’s a message that says, “Please don’t contact us for any reason. We’ve got your money bwhahaha. #realtalk fill out the form fields like any other website or call 1-888-854-5124.”

The frequently asked questions are even funnier. Someone asked, “Should I stuff my brokini?” Brokini answered, “YES.”


I love it. Someone also asked if ladies could wear them. They said yes, but I could see where that would be problematic. Either way, support these guys and sport a sexy Brokini this summer.

If you insist on the Borat mankini, get one of those too!

borat mankini


“Is nice!”

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