Brutally honest job posting for Time Out Magazine has the internet in stitches

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Videos by Rare

An incredibly bizarre and excessively informative job listing description at Time Out Magazine has caused quite a stir on Twitter.

“The current situation with the Photo team in the US i.e. Melissa Sinclair, is not a long-term solution,” the description begins. Already you can see some weirdness. Why would you inform potential applicants about the present dire situation?

The post continues:

Currently, we have an agreed budget of $2,200 per issue for a freelance Photo Editor, 10 hours work at $22 p/h, which would normally be completely fine, however the issue is that Melissa physically cannot find good enough candidates to fill these freelance positions, and at the current rate of magazine production, she needs multiple people available to work on multiple cities, simultaneously.

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Clearly, Melissa is an important member of this team. But again, none of this information is particularly relevant to job seekers. But that’s not the last we hear of Melissa. “Because she can’t find people for these freelance positions, she’s been forced to do all of this work herself, and is currently completely swamped and overwhelmed, the design team has had to chip in to help her, which is not ideal, but has been required to get the magazines out the door on time,” the listing claims. Sounds like Melissa is really important. Like, she deserves a promotion, a raise and six extra weeks of paid vacation to ease the damage done.

The listing goes on like this for what feels like 500 more words. And needless to say, the good folks on Twitter had a complete field day:

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