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Forget wearing knitted sweaters and your Sunday best to Christmas dinner. Crash your family’s Christmas celebration in a ‘Buddy the Elf’ costume. Who says dressing up is just for Halloween?

If it’s a family tradition to take pictures with Santa for Christmas, consider switching things up. Get a family member to dress up as Buddy the Elf to send the best Christmas cards of all time.

Elf Movie Buddy The Elf Adult Costume

Elf Movie Buddy The Elf Costume

  • Pricing: Varies
  • Size chart: Small-X Large
  • Doubles as men’s Halloween costume & Christmas party costume

This Christmas costume is perfect for your family gathering. It’s also a great costume idea to wear to your company’s Christmas party. While everyone is in their ugly Christmas sweaters, you’ll be the life of the party in your Buddy the Elf costume.

The holiday costume comes with a jacket, hat, tights, and a black belt. You’ll have to buy the elf shoes and wig separately. No worries, Amazon has the perfect costume accessory inventory for just about anything you can think of! Keep in mind this is a men’s Buddy costume, so ladies, feel free to DIY this costume with leggings and a cute elf hat to turn this into an adorable women’s costume.

Buddy the Elf (STD) and Jovi Couples Costume Bundle Set

Buddy the Elf (STD) and Jovi Couples Costume Bundle Set

You can always go as Jovi and match at the Christmas party with your favorite coworker or family member. The Christmas elf jumpsuit is going to put your boss’s Santa suit to shame. Customer reviews are fantastic. A customer said, “I’m 5′ 11″, 185 lbs. The costume fit great! This costume (along with a wig) looked amazing during our Christmas party. I posed with Santa and everything!”


Store this in your closet after the holidays because it’ll come in handy next year as a Halloween costume. It’s the perfect excuse to dress up as Santa Claus’ favorite elf twice. This costume is going to bring the Christmas cheer we absolutely need in 2020.


Whether ‘Elf’ is your favorite Christmas movie, or you’re a huge fan of Will Ferrell, you’re going to love this Santa’s Helper costume. Grab your candy canes, hot chocolate, and turn on Elf. It’s that time of the year (finally).


Lastly, remember to treat every day like Christmas!

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