This Fly Killing Gun Uses Salt as Ammo and It’s Ingenious and Awesome

The only good fly is a dead fly. When they’ve invaded your home there’s only one language they understand: ordinary table salt. Lock and load with the Bug-a-Salt 2.0 rifle, because you’ve got some flies to send back to hell.

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The salt gun is an invention from the genius (and maybe a little sick) mind of Lorenzo Maggiore, who apparently at one point thought to himself, “It’s the 21st Century. Why can’t I shoot flies with a rifle yet?” Then he went out and created the most ambitious insect defense ordinance since the bug zapper. This thing is verified to absolutely waste pesky pests with nothing more than a pinch of salt and a large dose of hate. It’s the most American form of pest control ever devised. It makes fly swatters look like pom-poms by comparison. (And unlike insect repellent, no poison required here. It’s all non-toxic.)

Bug-A-Salt Gun
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Just watch this thing work.

The Bug-A-Salt gun is pretty straightforward. Its ammo is salt and it fires a shotgun spray of regular table salt at the pesky flies. All you have to do is pour a whole bunch of table salt into the top of it (we recommend Morton’s), cock it, flip up the pop-up sight, and start murdering every house fly and flying insect bothering your home or BBQ. The aftermath is nothing but easy cleanup too. You just have to wipe a little salt and, don’t worry, you won’t have the disgusting task of cleaning up mangled bug parts. The original salt gun will not splatter fly innards all over your kitchen. (Even though, let’s be honest, if your kitchen is covered in flies then you’re going to need to clean a gross mess anyway.)

So stop spraying poison all over your house. Pick up this insect eradication gun, the surefire fun way to exterminate your little winged enemies.


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