But is the light perfect?! This guy totally nails what it’s like to get engaged in 2017’s age of social media

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Standup comedian John Crist understands the struggles of modern day society. He understands them so well, in fact, that he knows exactly hot to make fun of their banal existence.

In a video uploaded to his Facebook page on Valentine’s Day (very fitting considering the subject matter) Crist highlights the absurdity of the modern-day engagement. Gone are the days when one person planned a beautiful, heartfelt, intimate surprise for the other in order to pop that all-important “will you marry me” question. Now it’s all about social media and making sure that everyone from your mother to that random guy you took one philosophy class with in college can bear witness to your crowning moment of happiness.

We are in the age of the social media engagement. Did you even get engaged if it wasn’t caught on video or captured in the perfect light by a professional photographer? No, you probably didn’t.

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In Crist’s hilarious video, he’s seen on a beautiful hiking trail with his girlfriend, Madison. As the two pause to take in the gorgeous view, Crist drops down to one knee and pulls out a ring box. His girlfriend, hands over mouth, is thrilled. But she needs to get one thing straight from the get-go. “You hired a photographer, right?” she whispers to him before they get started with the whole happiest moment of their lives thing. “Yeah, he’s right, yeah,” Crist says, pointing over in the direction of the camera.

That’s when the requests start rolling in.

First, Madison demands the photographer come in closer for fear that if he’s far away the video “won’t share that well.” Because what better way to go viral than on the occasion of your engagement? Can’t let an opportunity like that slip away!

From there it escalates to problems with everything from the angle of the video to hairstyles to issues with the light to having to start the engagement all over again because Madison forgot she was wearing the ring. Thankfully for this lucky lady, her social media dreams came true…more than 40 takes later.

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