New Yorkers were left stunned and baffled when they saw North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un casually strolling around the streets of Manhattan. Some people heckled the tyrant by yelling “Rocket Man” — the nickname coined for him by President Trump — while others stopped and asked for photos. Some people even asked him about his famous friendship with former basketball star Dennis Rodman.

It was clear that the people who weren’t starstruck were just straight up confused. What was Kim Jong-un doing on American soil? And why was he in New York City instead of the hub of diplomacy, Washington, D.C.?

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The answer was pretty obvious to anyone with a basic understanding of contemporary geopolitical issues, as well as anyone who knows what the North Korean leader actually looks like. The man purported to be Kim Jong-un was, in fact, just a look-alike hired by a YouTube prankster by the name of QPark.

QPark took the doppelganger (and a pretend general/assistant) to three New York City neighborhoods over the course of a day: Harlem, Wall Street and, of course, Koreatown. He even walked right into Trump Tower and asked the employee behind the front desk, “Have you seen Donald Trump?” He was told that information was classified.

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