Looking for perfect Christmas gift for someone who loves ranch dressing?  Well, look no further!

Hidden Valley Ranch has come out with a holiday outlet for what it calls “festive gifts for the ultimate ranch fan.”

The gifts include a Hidden Valley Ranch keg that holds 5 liters of ranch dressing.  The keg is 9.7 inches tall and 6.3 inches wide. It has a price tag of $50.

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Then there’s the “Not Your Ugly Christmas Sweater” that features a festive, red sweater with snowflakes and an image of a bottle of ranch dressing. The cost: $40.

And for the ultimate ranch fan, there’s the Hidden Valley Holiday Ranch Fountain, complete with a skirt.

It’s featured as a dipping machine that has a 2-pound capacity with four easy-to-assemble tiers. The price on the fountain comes in at $110.

You can check out all the Hidden Valley Ranch gifts by clicking HERE.