Celebrate fatherly fashion with this ode to dads in khaki shorts

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“It is a truth universally acknowledged that an older man who has one or more children must be in want of fucks to give.” – Jane Austen, probably

While fatherhood is often celebrated for such benefits as “preventing economic collapse” and “continuing the existence of the human race,” an under-the-radar plus of paternity is the license it gives a man to no longer concern himself with being fashionable. Sure, every girl’s crazy for a sharp-dressed man, but a dad doesn’t have time for batting lashes; his kids are playing with the lighter fluid, and there isn’t a second to spare. Dads have cracked the code: they look good, because they don’t obsess over looking good.

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This music video, courtesy of Funny Or Die, is a tribute to an iconic summer dad fashion: pleated khaki shorts. As the video notes, the shorts are typically matched with white trainers (paging Under Armour), tube socks pulled halfway up the shin and a tucked-in polo shirt. The outfit is casual, yet formal. It’s relaxed, but you know dad can be all business at any moment. Fire up the grill and celebrate your dad’s khaki shorts while the weather’s still mild.

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