While guest hosting a recent post-Halloween episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Hollywood hunk Channing Tatum continued the show’s tradition of playing a particularly mean (but incredibly adorable) candy prank on children. This edition was a little different, though. Instead of having viewers film their kids’ reactions after telling them they ate all their candy, Tatum had Kimmel pull the prank — on his own daughter!

“I have to tell you something,” Kimmel says to his daughter Jane. “Last night while you were sleeping, mommy and I ate all your Halloween candy.”

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“What? Uh-oh,” she replies, before taking a peek in her bag and seeing some Smarties. “I still have one, don’t worry.”

“Jimmy Kimmel told me to do it,” he said. Jane didn’t seem to get it.

Tatum then addresses Kimmel directly and claimed that it was his duty as guest host to also play the prank on his own daughter, 4-year-old Everly.

“Look, I figured if I’m asking you to do this to your kids, I should probably do it to mine too,” he said, to a mixed reaction from the studio audience.

Everly’s response to the prank was slightly more emotional than Kimmel’s daughter’s. After her dad tells her he ate all of her candy, she spins around, clutches her mother’s legs and sulks, forcing Tatum to reveal the truth.

“That’s not funny,” the grumpy girl responded.

Tatum then added, “You’re right, that was not funny. I’m so sorry, baby.”

Channing Tatum and Jimmy Kimmel prank their own children, and we’re still laughing about it Jimmy Kimmel Live!/YouTube
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