Chickens With Arms FI YouTube: The Reposter Of The Memes
YouTube: The Reposter Of The Memes

We’ve seen chicken tutus, chicken picnic tables, chicken purses, but now the new coop trend is chicken arms. People are putting baby doll arms on their chickens, and it’s the funniest and scariest thing I’ve ever seen. Of course, this is the cutest thing ever, but at the same time, I’m so happy God did not give chickens human arms when he made them.

An Instagram user posted a picture of her backyard chicken with baby arms on social media, and we can’t stop laughing. The video of her chicken running around is hilarious! One of her feathered friends is named “2-Peck,” so it’s no surprise that this chicken owner got creative with a new chicken toy.

It looks like the plastic arms are attached to a rope, dangling around the chicken’s upper body. If you’re the proud owner of pet chickens, I bet you could easily recreate this look at home with a few supplies. Next time you’re feeling the COVID-19 boredom get to you, get crafty, and make DIY chicken arms. Amazon has everything you need.

Hey, you never know, maybe these chicken arms could keep predators away. Hawks are known for being scared of scarecrows, so I wouldn’t be surprised if these baby arms did the trick as well.

arms for chickens

Facebook friends and Reddit users cannot stop laughing at these pictures. Every day it seems like chickens are trending for some reason. Recently, chicken tutus were all over social media. Chickens look so adorable in their tutus, and we still haven’t recovered from these pictures! They’re so cluckin’ cute. These pictures make me wish that I lived on a farm!

If birds with arms aren’t your thing, consider buying a tutu for your chicken. Amazon is selling some of the most popular accessories and supplies for backyard chickens. I think your sassy hen would look pretty in a tutu!


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