Child’s Savage Letter to Santa Hilariously Goes Viral: ‘You Look Slow and Easy to Kill’

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Jeremy has spoken, and he was not happy. And the subject of his ire was no less than Santa Claus, as the youngster revealed in a post-Christmas letter.

The letter was posted on Facebook and shared by TikTok user Kodi Mink. via The Sun.

Long story short, a boy named Jeremy handwrote a note to Santa to let him know that only one of the requested gifts was delivered. Yet Santa ate the cookies, anyway, Jeremy noted. So there must have been some sort of mistake, right?

“Dear Santa I am writing this the day after xmas and I am very sad I only received one of the two presents I asked for,” Jeremy wrote. “Sense (since) you ate my cookies I will asoom (assume) that my missing gift was a miss take (mistake). I will give you one week to fix this.”

Jeremy did not indicate what would happen at the end of the week. It’s a safe bet Santa didn’t want to find out.

Then again, Santa responded with a message of his own.

“Dear Jeremy, I am sorry you are disappointed with your presents,” Santa wrote. “You asked for two very expensive presents and Santa can only do so much. You need to learn to be grateful for what you have and not be upset about what you don’t. If you continue to complain I will have no choice but to add you to the naught list next year. Santa.”

Uh oh. It’s getting real up in here. Jeremy fired back.

“Dear Fatty, Your threats don’t scare me. I played your game and you did not deliver,” he wrote. “This is not okay. I will give you one week and then you will pay. Jeremy. PS I don’t know why you that it is expensive when you have elf slaves to make things for you I think you are very naughty for having slaves.”

Warning: Video contains foul language.

@koko_mink Jeremy was NOT playing about his Christmas!!! #greenscreen #christmas #santa ♬ original sound – Kodi Mink

Santa apparently shared this message with Jeremy’s parents, and that did not go well.

“Dear Jeremy. You are being a very bad little boy, Because you cannot be happy with what you have. I have talked to your parents and told them to take away your Wii U,” Santa responded. “Now you have nothing. Once you learn to be grateful, perhaps you can have it back. I am disappointed in you Jeremy. You will need to be extra good this year if you want to make it back in the nice list.”

It’s interesting that Santa is so close to Jeremy’s parents. But it’s good that they decided to work in unison.

At least, it was good for everyone but Jeremy. And perhaps Santa, who Jeremy then basically threatened to murder.

“Deer (dear) Santa. I do not like that stunt that you pulled with my parents,” he wrote. “You are on my naughty list now. Be afraid you look slow and easy to kill. Enjoy your cookies next year because they will be poison. I hope you die Jeremy.”

Let’s hope that cooler heads prevail. We want Jeremy to get his gift next year, and man, we all really need Santa alive. After all, who would receive our angry letters fueled with disappointment and rage otherwise?

The video of the exchange, of course, has gone viral, and if our sources are correct, has been banned in the North Pole.

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