There’s Nothing Fun Size About This 6-Inch Chocolate Penis

Usually, when I think of “dick in a box,” I think of the Lonely Island and Justin Timberlake song from Saturday Night Live. Now, I know it’s an inspiring song but don’t actually go and put your pecker in a box for anyone. Instead, send this chocolate penis in a box. Yep, it looks kind of real, but that’s chocolate, baby.

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If you’ve ever wanted to tell someone to “eat a dick,” here’s your chance. This chocolate dick looks just like a toy, but I promise, it’s just mouthwatering artisan chocolate made right here in the United States. Order this hilarious gag gift for your favorite (or least favorite) coworker.

Eat A Dick – Chocolate Penis Prank

Eat A Dick - Anonymous Chocolate Penis Prank (Happy Birthday Box - Black and Yellow)
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  • Perfect for a bachelorette party
  • Vegan & gluten-free


Who doesn’t love a funny prank? I love playing practical jokes on my family, and I already know who I’m getting this for. Dick at Your Door (DAYD) is the brand behind the funny gag gift. If you suck (no pun intended) at buying Christmas gifts or white elephant gifts, then consider giving these chocolate penises to your loved ones. There are a variety of boxes you can choose from: Birthday box, love box, blossom box (perfect for Valentine’s Day), and the Don box.

It’s still months away, but Christmas always arrives quick, so be sure to buy this as a stocking stuffer this fall. Your sister is going to see her stocking and wonder what’s inside! Oh, girl, just chocolate. I’m not sure if it’s milk chocolate or dark chocolate, but who cares? The recipient will probably eat it anyway!

chocolate penis prank

I’m still in shock with the details. I mean, if I didn’t know this was chocolate, I’d think someone was trying to tell me to go screw myself instead of “eat a dick.”

Well, I can’t wait to eat six inches of chocolate.

This post was originally published on December 10, 2020.

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