Chris Pratt “screws up” a magic trick on “The Graham Norton Show” YouTube/Screenshot
YouTube/Screenshot/Graham Norton Show

Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence,, and Graham Norton took a good six minutes from their show to try and let Chris Pratt demonstrate some magic to the others, and he manages to pull off quite the surprise performance.

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Pratt, who was on “The Graham Norton Show” with co-star Jennifer Lawrence to promote their new film “Passengers,” made his magic debut by playing off everyone doubting that he could actually do it.

The trick involves “burning” cards, and Pratt purposefully sets up incredibly low expectations for the bit to succeed. Pratt and go through a bunch of hoops as Pratt plays the fool, messing up the instructions, and screwing up the trick in a few tries towards the end.

It’s funny when Jennifer Lawrence gets more and more subtly exasperated at her co-star as he messes up, and when Pratt finally finishes the trick, she’s so shocked she has to put down her glass of wine to react.

Smooth one, Pratt.

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