University Bans Clapping For Being an ‘Anxiety Trigger’

Wave your hands like you just don’t care…but please don’t clap because you will give students anxiety. Yes, the University of Oxford has officially decided to replace clapping with a silent wave because yes, it could trigger anxiety for students. So instead, they will just wave their hands side to side whenever they get excited.

The motion to mandate the encouragement of the silent clapping was successfully passed by the University Student Union Officers and will apply at Student Union events expected to be rolled out to other societies.

Oxford students had argued that since the alternative to clapping already existed in some organizations and institutions that they should follow suit. The new motion comes after the University of Manchester passed a similar one in September last year. Jazz hands are also known as a sign language expression for applause and is considered a more inclusive gesture.

According to sabbatical officers Roisin McCallion, the policy was proposed to encourage the use of sign language clapping during their Democratic event and to make the event more accessible and inclusive for all the students and visitors who suffer from anxiety.

I guess I can see why people can get anxiety from clapping because of how loud they can get, but this to me just seems pretty silly. It’s a simple clap, what can a clap do to you? But hey, if it accommodates everyone at the University then why not. Give me those jazz hands every day.

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