Earlier in the year, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay guest hosted one of the U.K.’s newest comedy shows, “The Nightly Show” — which airs every weeknight and has a different host each week.

Up until Ramsay’s tenure, the show had been receiving overwhelmingly negative reviews, despite its guest host line-up including a few professional comedians. Most of the critics didn’t care too much for Ramsay’s stint either, but the audiences loved it — as you can see from this video.

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The 50-year-old made viewers laugh with his cheeky antics and lewd language that included plenty of innuendo.

Each night, the “F Word” host held a taste test with each guest, who has to guess what they?re eating whilst blindfolded. After feeding chef Gizzi Erskine some pickled onions, Ramsay made a reference to a sex act: “You can spit it out if you wish, do you want to spit it out??

Gizzi shook her head and Gordon replied: ?You don’t have to swallow.”

As the audience erupted into laughter, Ramsay played played innocent and scolded them: “Stop it, stop stop stop stop stop. I’m in enough shit as it is.”

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