Colbert gets a peek into the HBO writers’ room as they try to top the hype of “The Young Pope”

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Videos by Rare

HBO’s “The Young Pope” has gotten a ton of buzz in the entertainment industry, not so much because of the quality of the show as because of the eye-catching nature of the premise. It’s the Pope, gone rogue. The Catholic Church’s patriarch is generally imagined to be an old grandpa figure (because he is in real life), but the HBO series crumples up that script and jumps over it with a motorcycle. This young Pope, played by Jude Law, doesn’t play by the rules. What will he do next, the internet wonders? Knife fights, parties, grand theft auto, a monogamous relationship — it’s all on the table (at least according to the internet’s perception of the show, where jokes about it abound).

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Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” took the opportunity to poke fun at the HBO series by imagining how they could possibly top it. Their ideas involved making the Pope younger and younger, until they eventually reached “Baby Pope,” whose knowledge of scripture is probably somewhat lacking. (“Conceiving the Pope” seems like an altogether different strand of HBO programming and would probably not air until about 3 a.m. ET.)

Go for it, HBO. Lord knows you’ve got the money.

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