Colbert got a bit buzzed on his show off of — no, really — an ant-butt mojito YouTube screenshot
Youtube screenshot -- Colbert ant butt mojito

“You like tarantulas?”

That’s not usually the first question you hear when you’re out drinking (at least not since “Fear Factor” went off the air). But when you’re drinking with Jack Maxwell, host of the Travel channel’s excellently named “Booze Traveler,” the standard rules don’t apply.

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Maxwell travels the world in search of exotic new drinks to try, and he brought some of his greatest hits onto “The Late Show” to help Colbert loosen up a bit. From spider wine to deer antler vodka to anti-aging, Pope-blessed algae miracle beer, Maxwell has a number of beverages you’re not likely to find at your local dive bar (homey as it may be).

The final drink, courtesy of Colombia, is a mojito sprinkled with crispy ant butts, which must be a good source of protein as well as zesty crunch. It seems Colbert was far enough along by the end of the segment that insect-based garnishes didn’t faze him, as he sipped the mojito quite readily.

We only have one question: how do we apply for Maxwell’s job?

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