Colin Farrell admits during interview that fans keep mistaking him for Colin Firth

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Videos by Rare

During a recent appearance on “The Graham Norton Show,” Irish movie star Colin Farrell explained that the people often get him confused with his English namesake, fellow actor Colin Firth.

Mistaken one actor for another is usually forgivable. Amy Adams and Isla Fisher appear to have been separated at birth, and Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds may as well be the same person.

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But who could possible mistake Irish tough guy Colin Farrell for British thespian Colin Firth?!

“Even though he beats me by an Oscar, about ten inches and a lot more decorum. I tried to sign up for gym once and the woman got on the phone to sort out the membership and she said in a rather loud whisper, ‘Colin Firth is here’,” Farrell said.

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