College Humor points out the other Donald Trumps throughout history in LOL-worthy lesson YouTube Screenshot

It’s almost every day that something ridiculous comes out of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s mouth. Surely, never in the history of American politics has such a character ever existed, many of you might think.

But as College Humor’s Adam Conover points out, Trump’s schtick is far from original.

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Take his penchant for insults, for example. It turns out that you can go all the way back to the election of 1800, when Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were duking it out, to see some mud-slinging of Trump-like proportions. Hell, Jefferson straight-up hired a newspaper editor to write an article calling Adams a hermaphrodite. Yikes!

Everyone was shocked during the Republican debates at the back-and-forth over the size of Trump’s penis, but it turns out that Lyndon B. Johnson was carrying on about his junk back in the ’60s.

The more you know.

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