Comedian Danny Jolles says landing dates that are out of your league isn’t actually that great YouTube screenshot
YouTube screenshot -- Danny Jolles stand-up

Comedian Danny Jolles has occasionally found himself in a situation that most people would envy: dating someone who’s out of his league in terms of looks. But while it may seem great to land a striking partner when you’re just an average-looking Joe or Jane, Jolles says that there are actually some serious downsides.

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He says that people frequently react to a dating mismatch with confusion, trying to figure out how two variously attractive people could possibly end up together.

“You’re like a walking abstract painting as a couple.”

And while Jolles may manage to date out of his league, he says that his real talent is how good he is at being broken up with. He has a pretty understanding view about ending relationships.

“If you have sex with me, I’m rooting for you for the rest of my life.”

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