Comedian Takes Epic Spill After Wife Pranks Him At Home

Bert Kreischer, a comedian best known for his hard-partying ways, can apparently take a lick and keep on ticking.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Bert Kreischer, a comedian best known for his hard-partying ways, can apparently take a lick and keep on ticking.

Bert Kreischer took “a pretty nasty spill” at his home on Tuesday after he and his family went to see Thor: Love and Thunder. The fall knocked him out cold.

The self-deprecating, shameless comedian recounted the incident to Tom Segura, Kreischer’s co-host of the weekly podcast 2 Bears, 1 Cave.

“I got out of control at the theater and bought about 50 to 60 pounds’ worth of candy,” he admitted to an amused Segura. “I had M&Ms, Peanut M&Ms, Raisinetes, Butterfingers, chocolate-covered almonds all in my pockets.”

When Bert Kreischer and his family returned home from the movie, his wife pranked him by locking the comedian out of their house. In an attempt to get in, he then opted for a sliding glass door behind their house.

Hearing Kreischer heading toward the back of the house, his wife and kids slammed the sliding glass door shut as well.

As he tells it…

“[Then] I catch my toe on the step [leading to the glass door, and I fall,” he continued. “My head hits the door jamb, my arm hits the potted plant, I break the potted plant, roll down the stairs.”

By that point, his family was laughing at him — but to their credit, they didn’t know Bert Kreischer had taken a tumble. One of his daughters found him on the ground, at first thinking he was laughing but then realizing he might have fallen.

Kreischer could’ve suffered a concussion, as he only has vague memories of what happened after the incident.

“I remember landing on the ground and seeing M&Ms everywhere,” he said. “And I remember thinking, ‘How did these M&Ms get here? I didn’t realize my pockets were filled with [them]. So then I woke up and remembered why.”

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Kreischer showed Segura the gnarly spill with footage from his home video surveillance cameras:

Segura is no stranger to embarrassing falls like the one his podcast co-host and best friend recounted on Wednesday. While attempting to slam-dunk a basketball situated just below regulation size, the comedian slipped on the court and sustained severe injuries.

“We were having a dunk contest competition, which is silly enough enough in itself,” the then-40-year-old comedian said.

Segura is currently retelling that anecdote on his current tour, titled Tom Segura: Coming Everywhere.

Below is the viral video that made the rounds following Segura’s preposterous injury.

This story continues after the below video.

Now those are what you call epic falls … and epic fails.

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