Angela Barnes is a hilarious British stand-up comedian who regularly appears on TV panel shows in the UK.

She’s a very talented lady, but she’s not the only talented member of her household. Evidently, her boyfriend is pretty talented too, if her recent Twitter postings tell us anything.

Angela’s boyfriend was out of town on a snowboarding trip on Valentine’s Day, so the comedian took to Twitter to tell the tale of the rather ingenious scavenger hunt her boyfriend had planned for her.

If Angela wanted her Valentine’s Day gift, she would have to solve a series of riddles.

Luckily, she’s pretty good at puzzles.

It began with a simple instruction: “Do not open until Feb 14th…”

Angela’s first clue was written in the style of a crossword hint. And we have no idea how she solved it!

“Pow! Sheep” is actually an anagram of “Peep Show,” which is the name of a popular (and hilarious) UK sitcom.

So Angela headed over to her DVD shelf to retrieve her next clue.

Nailed it.

The next clue was hidden in a packet of lasagne sheets. Well played, Angela’s boyfriend. Well played.

Imagine being able to solve these riddles so easily.

Of course, Angela didn’t have to imagine. She just did it.

The present was hiding in the bottom drawer the whole time!

Well done, Angela. We hope you enjoyed your posh chocolates!

So next time your partner comes home with a bunch of gas station flowers at 9 p.m. on Valentine’s Day, think of Angela and her boyfriend, and make an important decision.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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