Conan O’Brien was slightly disappointed by the lack of sex in his first virtual reality gaming experience Conan - TBS - YouTube - Screenshot
Conan - TBS - YouTube - Screenshot

“All VR is going to take us one place: Virtual reality sex. That’s the point of VR.” Those are the wise words of Conan O’Brien as he dives head first into “Wilson’s Heart” on Oculus Rift — his first ever virtual reality gaming experience.

Obviously, there’s very little (if any) sex in the game, but that doesn’t stop him trying. Conan spends most of the demonstration trying to figure out how to turn his VR horror experience into a VR sex-perience. Whether it’s fooling around with the private parts of a dead Freud look-a-like or greeting a gross tentacle monster with “That I could have sex with,” O’Brien is determined to make “Wilson’s Heart” a sexier game than it is.

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Perhaps his most hilarious observation comes when he realizes that he is controlling a 63-year-old man in a hospital — and that the game is in black and white. He says, “Wait a minute: I thought the whole point of virtual reality was to enhance reality, and you’re saying I’ve entered a world where I’m color blind and I’m an old man? Wow, that’s fantastic!”

This video is just another entry in Conan’s brilliant Clueless Gamer series. His opinions on video games are always hilarious. He approaches the industry with a cynical eye and highlights some of the more farcical elements of the artform with a bizarrely insightful ignorance.

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