Conspiracy Theorists Are Saying Hillary Clinton is Leading a Space Cult

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

We are finally privy to the dark secrets of Hillary Clinton, and it only took a few brave souls to figure it out.

Clinton, it seems, is the leader of a space cult.

But hey, some people will tell you they knew this all along. Others will take it for what it is — just a bunch of conspiracy theorists with seemingly not much else to do.

All of this is the result of a report from the Next News Network, which showed a video of Clinton in a purple robe at a large gathering.

This is “the elite inner sanctum of Hillary Clinton’s bizarre world,” we are told.

And who’s to say it isn’t? (Aside from most normal people.)

Does Hillary Clinton Have a Space Cult?

“Now you have seen it all. Hillary, surrounded by individuals in strange attire, herself wearing shimmering purple robes,” Next News reported. “Thankfully this footage was leaked so you could see the elite at play. The bigger question remains, what happened when the cameras stopped rolling.”

Meanwhile, social media reaction shows that most people don’t believe Clinton is actually the leader of a space cult — rather someone with Satanic beliefs. Interesting that we’ve gone from “space” to “Satan,” but then again, this is the internet we’re talking about.

But whatever you make of it, know this:

This particular gathering was actually taking place at a birthday party for Ann Drake, president of the Women’s Leadership Center.

No word on if James T. Kirk, Buck Rodgers, Darth Vadar, Flash Gordon or R2D2 were in attendance.

What do you think?

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