Bar Offers ‘Buy A Corona, Get A Free Roll Of Toilet Paper’ Promo

It’s no secret that we have all been freaking out because of this coronavirus situation. Slowly one by one, each state has been closing down several bars, restaurants, gyms, closing airports, and urging people to stay at home if they can.

This has caused quite some chaos for several people since they have been going around trying to bulk up on items because they don’t know when the lockdown will be lifted. Meaning, things have slowly been running out from grocery stores such as water bottles, water gallons, hand sanitizers, and believe it or not, toilet paper. So, yes, they are hoarding and stockpiling while causing long lines and toilet paper shortage. Because apparently, toilet paper is the cure for Covid-19. I’m kidding, I totally get it. Essentials.

Which is why this bar in Osceola, WI, was trying to lighten the mood by offering a free toilet roll. Yes, people all around social media are posting pictures of empty shelves, while other people were offering to trade toilet paper for goods. So much so that they decided to add a little humor into the whole paper pandemic.

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The Woodhill Bar and Grill decided to offer free rolls of toilet paper if you bought a Corona beer. Hilarious, since people have also stopped buying that certain type of beer because they’re scared that it might be related to the virus. Which of course, it’s not people, use your common sense.

Yeah, the bar decided to offer the free toilet paper and well, the post immediately went viral, despite bars closing already. Because it’s hilarious and dumb, and yes I know it’s a joke. But I will say this, whoever came up with this idea needs a pretty heavy raise because they sure had their name out there for quite some time. I wonder if people actually showed up or not. If you’re in Wisconsin, can you let me know if this was an actual thing? You gotta love some good sense of humor, we sure need it right now.


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