Couple Find Their Marriage Isn’t ‘Official’ After Finding Expired Marriage License: ‘ We Spent $30,000’

Womp, womp…looks kike there is some trouble in Paradise. A woman shared online a tragic story about her relationship, which quickly turned into a humorous event. TikToker Madalyn Boucher reveals that as she was searching for her marriage certificate in order to sign her husband up for Tricare, a Health Care Program for military members, when she learned about a shocking discovery. Apparently, their marriage license hadn’t been sent to the appropriate Court after they got married. Meaning she and her husband William’s marriage wasn’t legal.

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“This is the portion that the officiant was supposed to send to the probate court to legitimize our marriage,” Boucher stated. “It expired nine days ago — we are not married. We spent $30,000 — not for a wedding — but for a fucking social gathering.”

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Welp, what a gathering it was! “Now we have to go to the courthouse and get married,” she said as she held up a glass of wine. “Congrats!”  As we know,  in the United States, most states require a marriage license and the efficient must then return it to the county clerk after the wedding. 

The unexpected bride stated that her grandfather had officiated the wedding, telling viewers it was the first ceremony he had ever officiated. The couple obviously wasn’t angry about the situation, but rather tried to look at the bright side of the wall.

After answering a few questions from viewers, Boucher noted that they didn’t return his certificate because the instructions from the court had stated that returning the license to the court was the sole responsibility of the efficient and not theirs.

“I did give him the option to leave if he wanted to because it would be the cheapest divorce,” Boucher hilarious jokes. “And he didn’t.” Fours don’t get tens,” her husband added. Boucher Went on to explain that the couple didn’t place their entire marriage “off of the government’s approval,”  but did need to be officially married in order to be enrolled in health care within a designated enrollment window.

So even though they were 10 days over the expiration date for their said license, she stated that the courthouse was willing to make an exception and officially legalize their marriage.  

 So in the end, it was a happy day for all. But I’m sure grandpa is feeling very sorry about it.

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