Men Are Showing Off Their Ingenious "Dad Hacks" -- and We're Both Impressed and Scared

Everyone knows that parenthood, in general, is a life-long challenge, but these guys are taking dadhood in stride one “dad hack” at a time. They say desperate times call for desperate measures, and when you’ve got screaming or adventurous kiddo running around the house you need to think on your feet.

Dads from all over have people laughing over the makeshift contraptions they’ve cooked up to keep their kids at an arm’s length, and we are also amused. I am truly impressed with the ingenuity of these dads that somehow, get it right every time.

1. A banana sandwich to fool Sophia into thinking she’s got a weird a hot dog lunch? Seems legit.

2. No leg warmers around the house? It’s all good, we’ve got socks.

Tired of holding a milk bottle? We have tape for that.

3. She won’t fall asleep sitting up, so what happens if you just tip the stroller?

4. We call this one “weight for it.”

5. Seriously, what’s with the bananas?

6. Hello, dolly!

7. And, finally, our personal favorite. No description needed.

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