Dana Carvey answers Google’s most-asked questions about him in this funny interview YouTube screenshot

Google’s autocomplete feature, which predicts what a person wants to know based on what is typically searched, has led to a lot of great jokes. Autocompletes vary from predictable common-knowledge questions to oddly personal ones.

Dana Carvey, of “Saturday Night Live” and “Wayne’s World” fame, was interviewed by Wired through the autocomplete results of some simple questions about him. The comedian managed to make his answers hilarious.

Carvey answered questions about his marriage, “Wayne’s World,” his net worth, and what it would require to hire him.

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But the best questions were about Carvey’s time on SNL. He answered with his trademark manic impersonations while staying loyal to the show, defending it from searches like “is SNL funny” and “is SNL finished.”

Carvey also revealed that he took a 15-year break from show business to raise his family because he wanted to form personal relationships with his kids. At the end of the interview, he reminded fans to tell their wives they love them.

It’s great to see the comedian back in action.

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