Dancing Ski Baby in the Mountains Goes Viral For Epic Moves

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Can you dance like a baby on a ski slope? Maybe only if you dare to dream. But probably not, as one baby showed us.

The subject in question is actually a toddler girl in a pink puffy jacket, and she can be seen showing off some fairly unassuming moves during the techno song “Bel Mercy” by Jengi in the snowy Russian mountains.

Others danced around her.

Fittingly, it has gone viral on both Instagram and TikTok.

Dancing Ski Baby Goes Viral

@much She brought the party☺️🔥 [🎥: @beatport ] #onthedancefloor #rave ♬ original sound – MuchMusic

Since this hit the Internet in November, others have tried to recreate the dance. That’s just how popular it’s become.

The TikTok account Beatport originally posted the video about a week before Thanksgiving, with the caption reading “Looks like Generation Alpha is ready for the rave!” It proceeded to pick up 26.4 million plays and 3.6 million likes over the next three weeks.

It reposted the video a day later, and that one gained 18 million more plays and 2 million more likes. And counting. Can you blame them for liking this video so much? It deserved to go viral…forever! This little baby is the talk of the town, and for the right reason. Sure, she probably has hno clue that she’s gone viral, but still, her parents must be proud! Give her tickets to every rave festival, put her on all logos, and get her a double vodka soda. Kidding, just kidding. Maybe a glass of warm milk!

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