Daring adventurer takes to the skies in balloon-powered camping chair, and it’s awesome

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

If Disney Pixar’s “Up” doesn’t leave you crying within the first five minutes, you may have to recheck your eyes. Besides the great plot, the 2009 film had people worldwide wondering if floating into the sky held up only by balloons was possible.

Well, this British adventurer has answered that question for us all.

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In one of many daring feats posted to YouTube, Tom Morgan strapped himself into a camping chair held up by 100 helium filled balloons and soared into the South African skies. It took him two days to fill up all the balloons, but that wasn’t Morgan’s biggest struggle.

“The problem was finding a good weather window, and it was difficult to protect the balloons, as they kept bursting,” he told BBC News.

He described the journey as “magical,” and his next goal is to expand his project into a helium balloon race in Africa.

Anyone else up to fill Russell’s shoes for a day?

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