Dating is weird and Nicole Arbour perfectly expresses what we’re all thinking

Being single has always been hard, but it’s definitely getting harder as technology steadily encroaches upon our social lives and people become less and less willing to be open and honest with each other.

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Comedienne Nicole Arbour has some thoughts about dating, namely, “why dating is fucked” these days.

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She starts by explaining that dating used to be very simple. A guy asked a girl out, she said yes, she had an excuse to get dressed up, and, most importantly, there was a plan! Unfortunately, Arbour explains, dates don’t exist anymore. Now we’re all about Netflix and Chill…and we all know what they REALLY means.

The rules have changed. Arbour hilariously breaks down those vague and confusing rules one by one.

1) There are no dates

Forget a real plan, all we do now is “hang out” and hope that translates to getting laid.

2) Even if you did have fun “hanging out” don’t act like it

God forbid you let the other person know you had a good time and they get the impression that you have feelings. If you give off the impression you like someone, they’ll surely run away!

3) NEVER ask them if they like you

Hard no. Act like you have no emotions whatsoever.

Listen to Arbour’s hilarious rant about courtship becoming “fucking with [someone’s] head for fun” and you’ll probably find yourself nodding in agreement with a lot of what she has to say.

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