Dave Chappelle and Kate McKinnon’s “Last Call Hook Up” theater is the absurd “SNL” sketch we needed this week

Dave Chappelle and Kate McKinnon are a drunken human sculpture gone wrong in this hilarious "SNL" sketch.

In an instant-classic Saturday Night live that saw Dave Chappelle bring back some of his most beloved characters, he ended the night with a new one, a career barfly with a bad ponytail and a direct approach to the last call hookup.

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As Kenan Thompson begins to clear out the bar, Chappelle and a frazzled-looking Kate McKinnon order one last round. Chappelle, a “scotch and pepto. I’ve got a case of the squirts, but I still want to drink.” McKinnon, a “gin and Sonic — gin with a little hamburger in it.”

Think about how these two opened the show for a second — McKinnon, consoling the world’s loss of Leonard Cohen and the nation’s sense of reality, and Chappelle, delivering a stunning monologue with a story of his recent White House trip to a BET-sponsored event and just how much impact it had on a kid who grew up in Washington.

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And here, they come together for an absurd portrait of a different America. A drunker America that’s just looking for someone to rub tongues with and spray soda on. Let freedom reign, no more spoilers here.

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