Dave Chappelle thought he hit the jackpot with Oprah in this sketch, but here’s how it fell apart Comedy Central

Warning: NSFW video

Dave Chappelle had thought he hit the jackpot; he quit his job, burned bridges and moved out of his own home because of it.

The jackpot he won? Well, he got Oprah pregnant in this skit on “Chappelle’s Show”.

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Naturally, Chappelle wasted no time mooching off of his new sugar mommy. He took massages on a pillow of $100 bills, enjoyed the high life and generally became a stuck up snob. Why would he care? Oprah was his baby momma and Oprah was going to pay all of the bills!

That’s until Dr. Phil came in and ruined everything. Well, we guess he came out and ruined everything, but you get the idea from watching the video.

Maybe next time, Dave.

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