David Blaine’s magic is inexplicable to everyone who sees it


David Blaine, transported presumably by teleportation using the tear of a unicorn, performed some tricks for Patrick Stewart and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the two celebrities freaked out at how the sorcerer does his tricks.

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With Patrick Stewart, he and Blaine set up a moment where they flick a bunch of cards towards a camera, and then Blaine somehow manages to use that to get a card into the hands of someone recording the event.

“What was the card you thought of?” asked Blaine, an indication that a crazy thing is about to happen.

“The king of clubs..,” the cameraman began as Blaine revealed the card and everyone freaked out.

Patrick Stewart also freaked out and asked David Blaine not to tell him how it was done.

The Schwarzenegger trick involved Blaine taking a glass of wine, drinking the wine so that it might seem like he’s doing his terrifying and impressive frog trick, and then bites into the glass.

“Be careful,” Blaine said to Schwarzenegger, pointing to the wine glass he took a bite of.

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