David Spade didn’t even realize his home had been robbed until he reached for his shotgun

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Over the course of a few months in early 2017, Los Angeles was hit with a wave of burglaries. A number of celebrities lost valuables to the thieves who still have not been identified.

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One of the victims of the crime spree was David Spade, who lost an entire safe to the robbers. He explained that he got home and noticed some irregularities so he decided to grab his shotgun, with the intention of keeping it by his bed.

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Spade keeps his shotgun by his safe, and when he reached for the weapon, he realized that the safe was gone. He says that he waited until the morning to call the police. The actor joked that the police who responded might not have been the most seasoned officers, with suggestions like “maybe it’s Karma” and questions like “do you know any sketchy chicks?”

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