Deaf Man Suing PornHub for Discrimination Because Videos Don’t Have Subtitles

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A deaf man is suing the popular adult website PornHub for violating the American Disabilities Act (ADA). Yaroslav Suris, who filed the class-action lawsuit, claims that PornHub’s lack of captions on its videos discriminates against deaf viewers who have every right to know exactly what the sexual participants in the video are moaning.

And Suris is right, dammit! Why should those of us blessed with the ability to hear be the only ones who know that SportsCenter is playing in the background of an amateur video entitled “Wife Cucked Right in Front of Me by Best Friend” while some woman from Kentucky in her late 30s gets double teamed by her husband and their neighbor Roy? The hearing impaired have every right to read the words [SportsCenter plays in background] in the bottom third of that video.

Perhaps we all should boycott PornHub until the deaf are able to read the words, “God Yeah God Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Uh Yeah God Yeah Yeah God Oh God God God Yeah Yes Yes Yes Yes F*ck Yes God Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah [moans loudly] [music stops] [local car dealership commercial plays on radio]” on their pornographic videos.

Corey Price, Vice President of Pornhub, said in a statement: “While we do not generally comment on active lawsuits, we’d like to take this opportunity to point out that we do have a closed captions category.”

The closed captions category, however, has only 400 videos in it. So, sure, burning through that section might be a fun week, but PornHub has literally tens of thousands of videos on its site.

Though there’s no way to know how this lawsuit will turn out there’s a good chance PornHub, as well as other porn sites, might soon be looking to hire a legion of typists to transcribe their videos.

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