If This Isn’t The Greatest Lineup of Classic Comics Ever to “Roast” We Don’t Know What Is

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

On Halloween 1974, Don Rickles and a host of other famous comedians came together to roast perhaps the most famous comedian of the time, Bob Hope.

The comedians appeared at the “Dean Martin Celebrity Roast,” a semi annual gathering that saw some of the biggest stars ever roast their A-list peers.

During Bob Hope’s roast, stars like John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Ginger Rogers and Ronald Reagan came out to tease one of the greatest comedians ever.

Don Rickles was also there and as was usual for these roasts, stole the show with his specific brand of insult comedy.

“We kid about great stars like you Bob…because you’re old and washed up,” Rickles jokes.

As he goes down the line and acknowledges stars like Jack Benny and Milton Berle, Rickles lands a joke that absolutely destroys his audience.

“It’s so wonderful being at the home.”

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