Delivery Driver Dressed up as Mickey Mouse To Surprise Child for his Birthday

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

For about $200, just about anyone will dress up as Mickey Mouse.

That includes one very kind delivery driver, who opened a package containing a costume of the forever popular Disney character, put it on, and surprised a boy as he made his way home from school.

All of this was arranged by the boy’s mother, who left a large note via tearsheets on the front porch, offering the driver $200 to wear the costume and surprise the boy for his birthday. The mother could not do it herself, she said, as she works two jobs and couldn’t be home.

The video shows the driver tearing open the box, and playing the role of an extra-friendly Mickey while handing him a PS4 gaming system.

Delivery Driver Dressed up as Mickey Mouse

Needless to say, the child was particularly excited — and the delivery driver went home $200 richer. Translation: Everyone came out as a winner.

Still, money aside, the driver deserves lots of credit for not only playing the part but playing it extremely well. Perhaps she has a future at Disney World.

After seeing this video, you think she would certainly deserve an audition. And that’s worth a lot more than cash. You know what, why not get her the keys to Disney Land too!

Delivery drivers certainly don’t get paid enough for doing things like this. We definitely don’t give them enough credit. I have seen countless videos of drivers doing sweet things for not only people but pets as well. The honestly make the world go round.

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