Women Are Replacing Engagement Rings With a Diamond Pierced Into Their Finger

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Uh, well this looks painful. Apparently, women are now ditching their engagement rings and are replacing it with a diamond literally pierced into their finger. Yup, this is what it has come to. I am as confused as you are. The regular tradition of proposing with an elaborate and gorgeous engagement ring has a new challenger.

So how exactly does this whole finger piercing work? Well, let’s start with the name first. It’s called dermal piercing, also known as transdermal implant. It’s pretty gross, but I mean, I guess it can be convenient for those who always lose their things. These piercings are also known as anchors, dermal anchors, microdermals, and single-point piercings.

They refer to any piercing that lies on a flat surface of your body, in this case, the finger. It’s then held in place with a ‘micro dermal anchor’ that is implanted right beneath the skin. Yes, as I said, gross. I wonder how much this hurts because it looks pretty painful.

The jewelry then sits on the surface of the skin making it look like “you were born with it.” But let’s be real, we all know you weren’t born with freaking diamonds attached to your skin. So, to get these diamonds, a ‘qualified technical’ will first sterilize the surrounding area with antibacterial and then use either a dermal punch on to remove a small little tube of flesh, or a needle to make an L-shaped pouch. Ouch.

Then using dermal forceps, and anchor with either a footed or a round base is inserted into the chosen area. Some artists prefer to use their own specific dermal base, but there are several variations. Some are punctured with soles so that tissue can grow in and around the piercing, while others have “pivoting feet” that keep the surface piercing in place over time. These are very important since these little diamonds have quite a habit of migrating and rejecting over time. Because well, it’s not natural.

So why exactly are people choosing to physically pierce their ring finger instead of regular engagement rings? Well, one very important reason might be cost. Have you seen how much engagement rings are worth? Usually one spends at least 1,000 t $5,000 on engagement rings, while these little dermal costs around $70. The real question here remains the same. Is it worth it?

Honestly, who knows. Personally, I think these things are dangerous. I mean, can you imagine just brushing your hair one day and then out of nowhere it gets caught and then it becomes a whole mess because there is blood everywhere. Also, what if it falls off? You’re just going to have a hole in your hand.

Plus, this is just unnatural, stick to regular body piercing people. Y’all are trying too hard. I can’t even begin to explain how much anxiety I got looking up these photos. Nah.

This story was originally published December 30, 2019

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