Do your drunk self a huge favor by building one of these elaborate hangover-prevention contraptions Chris Reinacher - YouTube - Screenshot
Chris Reinacher - YouTube - Screenshot

YouTuber Chris Reinacher has may have just invented one of the most useful inventions of all time. Well, he would have if it were real. But sadly, it’s almost definitely not real — right?

Yeah, it’s just a clever, funny comedy sketch. Although a lot of the moving parts are real, we highly doubt that a bag of marbles dropping onto your iPhone screen would be able to form a coherent sentence and text it to your ex-girlfriend — as brilliant at that would be.

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Some of the contraption’s other elements seem a lot more plausible though, like pouring a glass of water, microwaving a burrito or lighting a pre-bed spliff — you know, all the stuff you’re supposed to do to prevent a hangover.

We’re distraught that the machine isn’t real, but we’re hopeful someone will invent a real one sometime soon. We’re looking at you, MIT nerds.

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