Noxious Dog Fart Nearly Causes Woman to Crash Car as Husband Films, Laughs

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A dog fart nearly caused a woman to puke in her lap while she was driving. Her husband filmed her gagging as she choked on the dog’s noxious kibble ghost bomb. There isn’t much more to this story than that.

A Dog’s Fart Nearly Killed This Family

Farting is, obviously, hilarious. A gassy dog is even better still. Considering a dog’s diet — anything! — a dog’s gas is straight up a chemical weapon. You clear trenches with that stuff. Dog food smells bad before it travels through the sewer that is your dog’s intestinal tract. Once your pooch starts poofing out the coming storm it’s pure hate.

This woman’s reaction to the flatulence is a pretty perfect representation of that. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big dog or a dumb little pug either. Dog breeds don’t really matter though it’s safe to assume a bulldog whose family tree is one rotten branch and, thus, whose inbred digestive tract is a Satanic fermentation factory, might have slightly worse toots on overage than a lab.

But yeah, this was a pretty clearly crippling dog fart. This lady could barely see. Her eyes were watered. This dog’s ass broke her brain. It’s a miracle she didn’t veer into oncoming traffic.

Why is Your Dog Farting in the Car So Much?

Your dog might be ripping burners for a couple of reasons — too many dog treats, they ate some lactose, bad table scraps, or other human foods, too many carbohydrates, bad pet food, or maybe they have a food allergy or are reacting to a new food. There are a lot of reasons for excessive gas. Most have to do with the dog’s digestive system being affected in some way.

That said, one thing pet owners might want to consider when wondering why their furry best friend is farting in the car so much is the amount of air the dog is taking in. Dog farting isn’t usually from some medical condition. It’s from swallowing a lot of air. Usually, that happens when they eat too fast, but if you let your dog stick its head out the window of your car as you drive, you may be inadvertently causing some stinky side effects.

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