This Donald Trump Window Decal Will Startle Drivers

I’m not a fan of car bumper stickers or window decals on cars, but this is gold. Stick this Donald Trump window decal on your car to give the illusion that President Donald Trump is riding in your car. This car window decal can be found on Amazon for only $10.

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This presidential election has been a hot mess so far, and it’s having a good laugh here and there that’s actually going to make America great again. Whether you support the republican party or Biden, this car window sticker will give you the laugh you needed today.

I’ve been laughing at this video for a while now. People are so creative these days. I’m truly surprised I haven’t seen one in Texas yet.

Juvarick Donald Trump Decals Car Stickers Funny Window, Easy Removal Leaves No Residue

Donald Trump Decals


Pick between the passenger side or driver side automotive vinyl decal. You can place it on any window! Imagine rolling up to a red light and seeing this window decal sticker. With one quick peek, you might think the President of the United States is in the car! I bet everyone would try and snap a picture.

I feel like this Donald Trump window decal is next-level trolling. Everyone is used to internet trolls sharing Trump memes all the time, but this sticker is something else. Surely a lot of people roll their eyes when they see a Trump 2020 sticker, Trump Pence, or Trump MAGA sticker, but this one is just hilarious.

Donald Trump Decals

This high-quality sticker is made of waterproof vinyl material that won’t suffer from any water or sun damage! Who do you know that needs this Trump car sticker? Get to thinking because this is going to make a terrific gag gift for the holidays. Add this vinyl sticker to your wishlist today.

For more funny car window stickers, visit Amazon.

This post was originally published on October 16, 2020.

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