Australians Take Out Trash in Style in Response to COVID-19

Trends, challenges, and other sorts of videos are taking the online world by storm right now as the coronavirus is forcing everyone inwards. These popular, witty, hash-tagged excuses to film yourself doing something no one would really care about if it weren’t for the coronavirus pandemic, are still in some way bonding people together. Because outside interaction is basically forbidden (whether by law or by accountability from peers), people are mustering up the courage to reach out to each other more by utilizing technology.

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Times like these are when high social media use is welcomed, if not encouraged. Why not get some light relief or post photos/videos to help encourage someone else who might see it? It’s not like we’re doing much else anyway.

For example, we would never have known about this video of Australians if we didn’t see it on the internet. These kinds of trends and challenges are most definitely worth being a part of or just watching, especially while in quarantine.

These Australians decided to start a fancy dress trend where they post photos or videos of themselves taking out their trash bins. In other words, you might catch a 50-year-old man wearing a tutu on bin night. They’re not only doing it for the internet, but also for their neighbors as well. These amazing Aussies are doing this in response to the stresses of lockdown, counting on the best medicine being pure laughter. They hope the light relief on social media will balance all the news about COVID-19.

I think there should be more videos out there like this one. I mean who doesn’t enjoy fancy dress videos for bin night? I will say that as much as I appreciate the effort most of these guys put into their outfits, I don’t know if I personally would want to go full clown just to take my trash to the bin a few feet from my place. But again, I’m enjoying the crap out of these videos to kudos to you Australia.

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