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A staple of any good drug dealer’s business arsenal is the burner phone. The type you can buy at a 7-11 for cheap. They can’t keep one number for too long, which necessitates the frequent switching and ditching of phones. Keeps the heat off.

One problem with the burner phone strategy, though, is that the dealer’s number changes a lot. Their customers have to keep remembering new digits. That can lead to some mistakes. Like, say, getting those digits mixed up and accidentally texting a different number asking for drugs. And then that wrong number belonging to a St. Louis County Prosecuting attorney. Whoops.

The St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Facebook page shared the text.

No word on if the attorney who received the text or any other law enforcement followed up on this gentleman’s request for what was probably cocaine. One thing is for sure though, somewhere in St. Louis there is a pissed off drug dealer right now. Every dealer in the city probably checked their phones after seeing this story to see if somebody texted them for two grams around the same time. Then they either ghosted that dude forever or turned him into a ghost.

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