Drunk girls do and say a lot of silly things — and Jenna Marbles rounded them all up in one video YouTube

29-year-old YouTube personality and vlogger, Jenna Marbles has found a lot of success in her medium. As of right now, Marbles has more than 15 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, making her the seventh most subscribed channel overall and the top channel operated by a woman.

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It’s not surprising since Marbles is an awesome combination of funny, forward and realistic. In 2011, Marbles uploaded one of her most popular videos ever “What Girls Do When They’re Drunk.” The video has garnered more than 13 million views and more than 17,000 comments!

From singing about food to crying over ex-boyfriends — Marbles pretty much nails the spectrum of possible emotions girls face when they’ve had a few too many.

Helene Vincent is an editor for Rare. Follow her on Twitter @HMV5.
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