Drunk Man Arrested For Hanging onto Moving Semi-Truck From Kansas to Oklahoma

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One man had a few too-man beers and hopped on a semi, but not inside the cabin. Instead, Dustin Slocum, 30, grabbed ahold of the rear door on the outside of the semi-truck while it was traveling through Wichita, Kan. He made it all the way to Oklahoma.

How’s that for hitchin’ a ride?

Nonetheless, Slocum was eventually discovered and promptly arrested in Logan County. Amazingly, he made it that far before other drivers found it odd enough to call the police.

The charges? Public intoxication and joyriding, of course. He has pleaded not guilty, perhaps trying to make the case that it either wasn’t really him or he wasn’t really drunk.

Drunk Man Arrested For Hanging onto Moving Semi-Truck

For the record, the distance from Wichita to where the man was arrested, near Guthrie, Okla., is about 130 miles. So he made it for about two hours.

But why?

Well, per reports, Slocum told police he was trying to find his wife in Kansas.

“As Logan County deputies began receiving calls of the truck around mile marker 178 (near the Cimarron River bridge), the truck driver finally came to a stop after another semi-truck and a vehicle constantly flashed their headlights seven miles outside of Guthrie,” the Guthrie News Page wrote.

You can’t help but wonder if Slocum is a fan of country artist Jack Reno’s 1972 song, Hitchin’ a Ride. Because those lyrics and Slocum’s experience sound awfully similar.

“I got no fare to ride a train, I’m nearly drowin’ in the pouring rain,” Reno sang. “Hitchin’ a ride, hitchin’ a ride. Gotta get me home to my baby’s side.”

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