Drunk Passenger Bites Flight Attendant Mid Flight, Pilot Makes Emergency Landing

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One drunken Turkish Airlines passenger decided to break out his inner Mike Tyson, and it didn’t just result in him punching someone.

He also bit somebody, a viral video revealed.

After that, he went a few extra rounds, throwing some haymakers toward the cabin crew. Apparently, the man is from Indonesia, and per reports, his prize-fighter-like approach caused the pilot to decide it would be best to just land the airplane.

Thankfully, in these instances, there is always someone who’s willing to not act — beyond holding up their phone and recording everything.

Drunk Passenger Bites Flight Attendant Mid Flight

It all started when the man began to act unruly and was told to calm down by crew members. He responded by first biting a crew member’s finger.

Once the plane made its emergency landing, the man was taken into custody.

“The passenger is an Indonesian citizen and he was drunk when making the assault,” Jakarta Police Sr. Comr. Endra Zulpan said, per Kompas.com.

But you can’t enter the ring, or in the case, the flight, without suffering a little yourself. And according to reports, the man was also injured during the melee.

Granted, some people need a few stiff drinks to feel comfortable in the air. Or they just like to drink. Whatever the case, let this be a lesson learned: Drinking too much doesn’t excuse you from turning the flight into a fight.

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