Drunk Police Officer Arrested After Peeing in Ice Machine

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

An off-duty Chicago police officer has been arrested for peeing inside the ice machine at a bar in St. Pete, Fla. Hopefully it was long after anyone ordered their drink on the rocks. Because if not, well, they got a little lemonade with their drink.

The incident happened at a joint called Jimmy B’s, and Henry Capouch, 30, is the officer in question. The bar is located inside a hotel.

Clearly, Capouch was already given some time off, hanging out in Florida. This given that he works in Chicago, and now, that time off is highly likely to become permanent.

Apparently, an employee at the bar informed Capouch that the ice machine was not a urinal and asked him to therefore stop peeing in it. Capouch allegedly ignored the guy and shoved away a security guard in the process.

“The defendant was actively resisting, and initially not obeying lawful commands while being detained,” deputies wrote in the arrest affidavit. “The defendant continued to yell and kept standing when told to sit multiple times by law enforcement.”

As of now, it appears that Capouch has been at the very least relieved — and not just of the liquid inside of him. He has also been relieved of his job pending a further investigation.

Capouch has worked as a Chicago police officer since 2017, as relayed by Fox 7. What a wild way to lose your job. With stories like this, you just want to wonder what cops are thinking about. How do you forget you’re a cop? You don’t just have any job, you work for your city. You’re a public figure. But I guess alcohol will do that to you, poison, indeed!

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