Dumb Streamer Runs Through GLASS Door to Celebrate World Cup Victory

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

When you run through a glass door to celebrate a goal by your favorite World Cup team, well, you know you are a true fan.

And Twitch streamer Emiifco very clearly is a true fan — because running through a glass door after a goal is precisely what he did, a stream revealed/

Emiifco, who is pulling for his homeland of Argentina, didn’t seem to realize that his back glass patio door was closed. So after a goal was scored, he sprinted toward the door, presumably thinking it was open.

It wasn’t.

So instead of celebrating, Emiifco was left to pick shards of glass out of his body. Or maybe he still did celebrate. But it involved significantly less jumping around.

Man Runs Through GLASS Door to Celebrate World Cup Victory

As you’ll notice, Emiifco quickly ran into action. First to make sure the dog was OK. Only after that did she check on her boyfriend.

But all is well today, it seems, as Emiifco only suffered some cuts to his arm and leg, even though those were reportedly minor.

And before you think this was maybe staged, just know that Emiifco swears he didn’t plan to run through any glass. Especially while barefoot, just for the sake of entertainment. But it sure did work out that way.

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