Dumb Thief Fails Robbery After Shop Owner Locks Front Door

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

If you’re gonna try to steal something from a retail store or make a career out of committing petty theft, you may want to study up first. Like, for namely, make sure the door isn’t locked when you try to make a run for it.

In fact, that may be the first thing you want to do. But it is something with which one numbskull in England failed to check.

As the video shows, a random customer is looking over what appears to be jewelry, which was just handed to him by the worker at the cash register. It seemed innocent enough at first.

Then, however, the guy darted off, toting the item along. He made a quick run for it, just as any thief would do. Smart move there, as far as thievery goes.

But bad news, buddy. The door locks from the inside.

Dumb Thief Fails Robbery

So what did the shoplifter do after that? Not much. He just turned around and handed the item back to the employee. And the employee deserves credit for simply watching all this nonsense — and then calmly taking back the item.

“Speaking of the incident to Metro, the shop owner, identified as 52-year-old Afzal Adam, stated, ‘With people wearing masks and balaclavas, I was worried about not being able to identify anyone if they did steal from my store,'” per Times Now News.

This guy, of course, wasn’t that hard to identify.

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